Zigbee Dongle not available after new install

I guess this may have already been answered somewhere but I can not find an answer in the basic posts of installing Sonoff Dongles
I am new to HA but had only just started I had a basic setup with a few sensors and plugs and just started to play with desktops when my system did a update ( i know I should have external backups but I had not got to that point I thought I was ok with the basic ones) When I returned there was no Home assistant image in my virtual box that would restart or run. Apparently the logs say it run out of space. I could not remote in any way. As i was new with linux and the system didnt do much I just started again. Since then I have not been able to get my dongle to connect to to my new install of home assistant. I dont know if it is still Tied to the old install

I am running on a basic windows computer running virtual box until I work out if HA is worth the cost of a separate computer / PI
In the Device manager the Dongle shows up ok until the HA boots then it changes to an uninstalled device. I dont know if that is normal. Any hints to where I should be looking would be good as I keep going round in circles.


Since this has been going on I have tried updatting the firmware as specified on the sonoff website.

I look in Hardware of HA and there is nothing for Sonoff or Zigbee linked to ID or USB in there.

I know VirtualBox and vms in general require extra configuration for usb pass-through. It’s been a little while since I’ve used virtual box but give the advice in this guide a try. I would make sure to remove/delete any old vms running Home-assistant so there isn’t any conflict

thankyou for the reply I had done everything in there already except the user in section 2. I will try that again tomorrow. I had it working the first install before going corrupt that was why I thought it was linked to old install but I have already fully deleted that one.