Zigbee door contact sensor for Zigbee2MQTT with automatic parent node update when necessary


Which Zigbee door sensor do you recommend ?

I’ve mainly used Xiaomi Aqara battery sensors for now (PIR, temperature and switch) but I’ve observed that they do not switch of parent node easily when their parent node is not reachable anymore. Actually I don’t think they can change at all (not full Zigbee standard compliant or something like that), and they will only change on manual action on the small button available on the sensor. That causes some trouble.

Looking at Zigbee2MQTT sensor compatibility list, I’ve tested more recently Konke devices (PIR and temperature). They look good, work well AND they can change automatically of parent node whey their parent node is not reachable. I dit not test door contact for the moment.

Which Zigbee door sensor do you use and did you check thait it can dynamically update its ‘route’ to the main coordinator ?


No idea/recommendation ?
The lack of ‘dynamic parent updating’ is really annoying with the Aqara sensors, which are almost perfect except for this issue.

I’m curious if you ever found a good replacement for these door sensors? There’s a new version of the sensor out, but I haven’t read anything one way or another if it behaves better.