Zigbee equivalent of the Zooz MultiRelay?

I’d like to install a relay for my gas fireplace and possibly my garage. So far, the closest I’ve found is this relay:

I like that it supports up to three switches in one device, and that it doesn’t require being powered by one of the circuits it’s controlling.

Is there a zigbee equivalent of this? I have both systems so Z-Wave is doable, but I’m surprised I’m not finding an obvious Zigbee equivalent that’s a lower price.

Would this work for you Zigbee 4 Channel Relay from ALab Technology on Tindie?

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Thank you! Have you used that yourself? It’s out of stock, $30 USD, and doesn’t come with a power adapter, so I would probably still get the Zooz at $50 CAD unless there were unique features on the Zigbee side.

Oh, didn’t notice it was out of stock. I have received one, which I am planning to use for controlling my irrigation next summer, so I haven’t used it yet. But the build quality is just fine and I think its fun to support more of DIY devices, (when I don’t use 230V, hehe). But understand your point as well.

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