Zigbee Failed After Power Cut

I’ve had two plugs and a temp sensor working over Zigbee2mqtt and a Somoff dongle for a few weeks. We had a power outage and I noticed the plug automations were not working.
I noticed the attached arror and log. I’ve unplugged dongle, restarted HA and plugged back in but it gets the same errors.


I don’t think you are using zigbee2mqtt by the look of it.

I’ll have a look at that when I’m back home. May just remove everything and go through the setup tutorial again.

Thanks. zigbee2mqtt wasn’t running, didn’t restart after power outage. Restarted it then reloaded Sonoff Dongle and all is working.
A bit annoying if it’s going to stop and not restart after power outage though.

How are you running z2m?

  • the addon?
  • a docker container?
  • something else?