Zigbee fingerbot switch automation reaction is too slow

Hi there!
I recently bought a few fingerbots I’m using to recline my armchair by physically pressing its buttons. The problem I have is that sometimes the command through ZHA to toggle off and stop pressing the button takes a few ms too long to be received and it makes the chair recline too much. I’m trying to fix the ZHA network to have less latency, but in the meantime I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a way to better handle the toggle of this button. Currently I have a script that performs the actions:

  • toggle finger button on
  • delay for 6s
  • toggle finger button off

This would work if the response was less than 100ms after the delay but sometimes it can take even 2s to be triggered… any ideas how can I script this sequence better?

The fingerbot is literally 1m away from the sky connect dongle, which is also connected through a usb 3.0 cable of 1 meter to have it farther away from the RasPi and router. I also tried with the original usb cable that came with sky connect and it’s the same delay


I’m sorry I have no idea what’s wrong, but I needed to comment on this - this is so perfect, automating a reclining chair, peak 2024 :smiley: Have a great weekend!

Bruh it takes like 10s holding the button to fold it back, I want it to go back to 0 by itself xD and also I want it to lift to the correct position when I turn on my ps5 so I dont have to put down my drink or ps5 controller while it happens :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly, and I love it! Have a great weekend, hope you solve this :slight_smile:

I was thinking maybe there is some way to send two commands queued and the second one to be already delayed so I don’t have to rely on a second zigbee signal’s latency

For anyone that might come over here looking for the same, it seems the only slow thing wasn’t my zigbee network but just calling the switch service from HA is slow to trigger. So I configured the fingerbots back to CLICK mode and set the sustain_time to what I needed it to keep pressing down to have my recliner in the perfect spot for gaming :wink: