Zigbee Gateway ZXGWZ-04 Integration / Firmware

I purchased, on aliexpress, this Zigbee Gateway.

It has a Esp32 chip and a WRG1 chip.
It is powered by USB.

Does anyone know if there is a firmware that is not connected to cloud and works with HA ?

If it has the same ZigBee chip as the sonoff ZigBee bridge, maybe tasmota might work.


I also have this gateway.

Have you found a compatible firmware or is it to make it compatible with zigbee2mqtt for example?

Thank you!


The Tuya WRG1 Module is not compatible with Tasmota.

Thanks you for your reply Paul.

Did you found a way on connecting it to HA?

Can you please tell me where to find some firmware for WRG1 ???.
I haven’t updated this Tuya Zigbee Gateway for a long time and one day ran the update via tuya cloud. The module died during flashing, turned into a brick.

Sorry no i didn’t.