Zigbee gateway

could you please recommend some similar gateway for rpi4 to act as zigbee gateway - similarly as device for zwave… Z-Wave USB stick & antenna • Z-Stick Gen5+ • Aeotec

Location is Europe.

Can I run both in one rpi4?


There are several zigbee integrations that run on homeassistant, the ones I know of are deconz, ZHA and zigbee2mqtt. I run zigbee2mqtt and the adapters recommended for it are listed here:


I currently use the Slaesh stick, but have used the zzh and the TI LAUNCHXL-CC1352-P2, all of them work fine.

The Conbee II might be better suited for deconz/ZHA.

You can run both on an RPi4 though a USB extension cable might be required for the zigbee stick.

@nanobra1n thanks, i was thinking about

as that one comes also with an antenna.

I thought the HW is not coupled on sw type of integration as econz, ZHA and zigbee2mqtt
maybe i am wrong?

The one you showed works fine, in fact it’s the one I currently use (I know, I have a bit of a problem collecting zigbee adapters, I think I have 5 lying around). Zigbee2mqtt and zha should be hardware independent, never used deconz so I can’t say

thanks for the info

Yes, but connect the Zigbee USB adapter to a USB 2.0 port (not USB 3.0 port) via a long USB extension cable to get it away from all other electronics since Zigbee is much more sensitive to EMF interference:

See https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant.io/pull/18864https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant.io/commit/970295a277e8f01d3ee39eeeaacf453625b988d3



Well, while the Zigbee Coordinator hardware (and its firmware) is not designed for a specific software application, all the different Zigbee implementation applications are designed for specific hardware.

@hedda thanks so in that case doesnt matter which one is used ie
which Zigbee implementation application
ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT, Phoscon … just the thing is to march implementation app with correct HW, right?

Phoscon/Deconz only works with a Conbee or Raspbee.

thats okay,
i was looking what application is the “best” ie ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT,Phoscon…and based on that to select the best hw for it.

Which is the best Zigbee application is not a simple question that can be easily answered as it depends on each individual user’s need and experience requirements as well as which specific Zigbee devices you have and plan to buy. They all have different degrees of integration with Home Assistant and different levels of support for some devices.

  • ZHA is the easiest to get started with and the only one natively integrated into Home Assistant. No need to know anything about MQTT, but not as advanced or flexible as Zigbee2MQTT. Recommended as plug-and-play for beginners who buy standard Zigbee devices.
  • Zigbee2MQTT has the largest amount of contributing developers usually the first to get full support for odd devices that deviate from Zigbee standard and require custom converter code for quirk translation. Not a native integration so devices are exposed via MQTT. Recommed for advanced users who require Zigbee configurtion customization.
  • Phoscon/deCONZ works and integrates like a third-party gateway/hub similar to a Philips Hue Bridge. No need to know anything about MQTT. Closed source / proprietory application so not much users can do to contribute other than reporting bugs.

Remember that as mentioned you can run all of these at the same time if you wish as long as they each have their own separate adapter. Suggest that you also buy an a couple of inexpensive CC2652P adapters as well so have option to test others. Note that you can also reflash CC2652P adapters with Zigbee Router firmeware and reuse as a repeater for range extending.