Zigbee Group and Ikea 5 keys remote sync with HA

Hi there,

i have a problem with Zigbee groups on my setup.


No Ikea Gateway, just Zigbee2mqtt, mosquitto mqtt and HA

A few standalone Ikea lamps with Ikea remote (the round one with 5 keys)

One group of two Ikea lamps defined in zigbee2mqtt:

    friendly_name: Grp Kueche Deckenlampe
      - 0x90fd9ffffe5a7e45/1
      - 0x90fd9ffffe656f14/1

All lamps a capable to adjust brightness and colour temperature, no RGB

All lamps and the group are defined in ZigBee2mqtt. All lamps work completely in HA front end. Brightness. Color-Temperature. On/Off. Also the group when i use the HA frontend. Perfectly fine.

But: when I switch the Group on or off with the associated remote the lamp goes on / off but HA does not recognize that.

HA Group in lights.yaml:

- platform: mqtt
  schema: json
  name: ik Kueche Deckenleuchte Grp
  command_topic: "z2m/Grp Kueche Deckenlampe/set"
  state_topic: "z2m/Grp Kueche Deckenlampe"
  color_temp: true
  brightness: true
  rgb: false

All standalone lamps synced fine when using their associated remote. But not the group.

I’ve tested with mqtt Explorer. The problem seems to be, that HA does not handle “Toggle” mqtt Event. When I send by the remote to mqtt.

This is what the zigbee2mqtt shows, when pressing on/off on the remote:

info MQTT publish: topic 'z2m/ik fb Kueche Deckenlampe/action', payload 'toggle'

If I send manually:

z2m/Grp Kueche Deckenlampe/set

the group switches to on, HA recognize that and changes the state in the front end as expected.

What can I do to solve this?

I double checked and compared the remotes of my setup once more and I found the following slightly difference, which I overlocked every time:

A working remote (device State settings in zigbee2mqtt webinterface)

"linkquality": 27,
"battery": 45,
"update_available": false,
"update": {
"state": "idle"
"action": ""

My not working group remote

"linkquality": 21,
"battery": 60,
"update_available": false,
"update": {
"state": "idle"

The action setting was not there for an unknown reason. I removed and paired the group remote once again, unbind it from the default bind group and bind it to the Zigbee Group “Grp Kueche Deckenlampe” now everything works as expected!

Also the state configuration for the remote device in zigbee2mqtt is correct and when I now press the on off button on the remote I get a complete other mqtt message set:

Before the repairing (not working)

info MQTT publish: topic 'z2m/ik fb Kueche Deckenleuchte/action', payload 'toggle'

After repairing und rebinding:

info MQTT publish: topic 'z2m/ik fb Kueche Deckenleuchte/action', payload 'toggle'
info MQTT publish: topic 'z2m/ik Kueche Deckenlampe B', payload '{"brightness":79,"color":{"x":0.471691351683258,"y":0.412891729882807},"color_temp":390,"linkquality":65,"state":"OFF","update":{"state":"idle"},"update_available":false}'
info MQTT publish: topic 'z2m/Grp Kueche Deckenlampe', payload '{"brightness":80,"color":{"x":0.471691351683258,"y":0.412891729882807},"color_temp":390,"state":"OFF"}'
info MQTT publish: topic 'z2m/ik Kueche Deckenlampe A', payload '{"brightness":80,"color":{"x":0.471691351683258,"y":0.412891729882807},"color_temp":390,"linkquality":57,"state":"OFF","update":{"state":"idle"},"update_available":false}'
info MQTT publish: topic 'z2m/GrpIkeaColorTemp', payload '{"brightness":80,"color":{"x":0.471691351683258,"y":0.412891729882807},"color_temp":390,"state":"OFF"}'