Zigbee hat

Hi guys,
i am tring to set ser2net on a raspy 3b+ for using a zigbee hat (based on CC2652), but all the info i can find is for a previous version on ser2net in wich it was used the ser2net.conf that now is deprecated. Now is in use the ser2net.yaml file but with a different configuration. i want to use it with zha. Any hint?

Which ZigBee HAT do you have? I have on installed in my RPi3b and I don’t recall having to do anything with the configuration file you mentioned.

One base on the cc chip. You have to specify the tcp port etc… can you please give an example of your ser2net.yaml file?

That is not very precise.

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This is the hat, it’s based on the cc2652 chip.
Thanks for the help

OK what OS are you using?

What serial port is created on the pi when the device is discovered by the OS?

OK, so for comparison I have
this HAT which seems to be the same chipset.

Also in my Z2M configuration I have the following setup for connecting to the HAT.

  port: /dev/serial0

could you please post your ser2net.yaml?
that’s the part in wich i am blocked.
many thanks

@nickrout home assistant is installed on virtualbox on a windows machina, ser2net is on a dedicated raspy with raspos.

@nebbiadigiorno ah, OK, sorry I have a completely different setup than you. I have HAOS installed on my RPi with the ZigBee hat. Looks like you are using a RPi with ZigBee hat as a remote coordinator.

You didn’t answer my question.

sorry, what’s the command to do so?

dmesg should tell you.

Whay i need to search?
maybe this?

uart-pl011 3f201000.serial: there is not valid maps for state default
[    2.946887] uart-pl011 3f201000.serial: cts_event_workaround enabled
[    2.947101] 3f201000.serial: ttyAMA0 at MMIO 0x3f201000 (irq = 99, base_baud = 0) is a PL011 rev2

It looks like the device is /dev/ttyAMA0

Yeah. But i didn’t know how to set the new ser2net.yaml.

Does this help? Connect to a remote adapter | Zigbee2MQTT

unfortunatly not. i can’t figure out what part i have to modify or add in the ser2net.yaml file

It is written out for you. What have you tried?