Zigbee & Home Assistant


I having difficulties incorporating the zigbee component with my Home Assistant setup. I am running Home Assistant on a Raspberry PI 3 with the latest Hassbian distro. I have a Norket HUSBZB-1 Zigbee/Z-Wave controller. So far, I installed the Z-Wave component and configured two z-wave devices.

At this moment, I would like to incorporate zigbee devices but I am unable to find a solid documentation on how to install the zigbee component. The documentation on zigbee for home assistant is nill compared to the zwave documentation.

After a couple of google searches, I found the diy zigbee implementation on github. I located the diy zigbee python file but I have no clue where to save this file on my pi3. Do I need any other files to complete the zigbee implementation? In the configuration.yaml file besides the path to the zigbee device, what else do I need to define?

Thank you,

Mike P.

I dont believe there is anything for zigbee that home assistant uses like zwave. As far as I have seen home assistant requires a hub, or separate device, to talk “zigbee” to those devices. Those devices have APIs that home assistant uses to talk to the hub. I may be wrong. Hopefully someone can clear this up if I am.

This is coming in the upcoming release:

using this component in hass will be better then using proprietary hub (like hue)?