Zigbee in wall module to control Zigbee Lights with existing Light Switch

Hi everyone,

I am new to home automation and plan to use Home Assistant.
The first thing I will address will be smart lighting. For family acceptance, it is important that the existing switches can continue to be used.
But i cant find an Solution for this. When i am searching the web i only find in wall modules, that make “dumb” Lights smart.
So here is my question, maybe someone can help me with this :slight_smile:

I’m looking for an in wall module that enables me to control my Zigbee lamps (Hue / Tradfri) with my existing light switches.
For this I would short the switch wires to the smart light so it is always powered.
The module would be more of a remote control that sends signals to Home Assistant and HA then switches the corresponding scene.

It should communicate with Zigbee and act as a router to expand the zigbee mesh.
I would like to avoid wifi because there are about 20 switches and I don’t want my network to become unstable

I have the following switches: Pushbutton switch 2-gang, so 4 buttons. Just like the Friends of Hue Switches.

Is there a solution for this?

Does it have to be zigbee?

I re-used my existing switches by turning them into a pulse switch with a piece of foam rubber :yum:

I’ve been using this for almost 2 years now, and works perfectly still…(although i did move from tasmota to esphome…faster and better for the 2 channel dimmer)

ps: why would your network become unstable??
My wifi network now has approx 50+ devices of all kind,…(have to admit that i use a 2nd router for the 2nd floor, it was an old one laying around anyway, and wifi coverage on that floor was poor)
Maybe time to get a better wifi router??
pps: the switches also work fine when wifi is down

How about something like Sonoff ZBMini?
I choose the WiFi route with Shelly devices