Zigbee in wall Relays Recommendations

Hello, this is my first post to the forum.

After an extensive reading, and since I can’t seem to find what I need, I would like to ask for product recommendations. Note that I have used the Shelly switches, and I am very happy with the results, hence I am looking for something similar, but Zigbee, or, if such thing does not exist, Z-Wave.

List of requirements:

  1. Keep existing traditional wall switch, and plug the module in-wall (Like shelly).
  2. Possibility for 2 way switching.
  3. Current sensing (e.g. if the switch is “on” using the wall switches, the “on” state should be presented on HA).
  4. Preferably same brand/same logic, for higher current usage (e.g. water boiler, which I think has an MCB for 16A).

Note that I am in EU, and I do have neutral wiring. Any brand recommendation is very welcome!

Thank you very much!



Thanks for your reply. Have you tried those? Do you believe it’s robust and can run for years with no problems?

I recently installed one (US version.)

So far it’s been great. I can control it either with the physical switch, or via HA over Zigbee. As with any such device, there needs to be room in the switch box for it, along with all the wires, switches and wire nuts already in there. The devices is actually quite small, so hopefully this isn’t going to be a problem very often.

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I got one with wifi instead of zigbee. Havent installed it. Because in de swith there is only a L1 and S wire and with the lamp there is only L1, N and one s wire.
So i have to add and wire from the switch to the lamp in order for it to work.

So i dont know anything abou the reliability.

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Zwave and kind of pricey but I have a couple of the US versions and they work great.

For most EU https://aeotec.com/z-wave-outlet-socket/#buy

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That’s very interesting! Thanks!

This brings up an interesting point. In situations where there’s only two wires at the switch box, most powered devices won’t work. The Sonoff I have has an interesting solution to that.

In addition to the Zigbee on/off capability, it has terminals for a low-voltage switch. That’s what I hooked my existing wall switch to.

If there’s no power at the switch box, you can put the Sonoff at the light fixture, or wherever the power comes from, and use the two existing wires for the low-voltage switch. This can also solve the problem of so-called three-way switches, where two switches control the same fixture. Wired correctly, you could use one Sonoff AND two, three-way switches, any of which can control the fixture. It’s an impressively elegant solution.