Zigbee Intermittently "Failed to Setup"

I am using a Home Assistant Yellow (core 2024.1.5, OS 11.4). Zigbee (ZHA) works fine for a few hours but will give a “failed to setup” error after some random amount of time. If I restart HA it will work again for a while. I don’t see anything obvious in the logs below. Can anyone give me some troubleshooting tips? Zigbee had been working fine for a long time but over the last few weeks I’ve been having this problem.

Are you using the multiprotocol addon?
Here is what I did

Thanks so much for your reply. This is a real pain, I have been interested in trying out Thread. So strange, ZHA has been stable for months, one of the most consistent integrations I have but not lately. I don’t know if one of the updates broke it or what.

Hi, have the same problem here. Started giving errors recently after a update of HA. Only a reboot of the whole Yellow take it back online for a just day/days…