Zigbee ir sender / blaster?

Does such a thing exist? I’ve got a few broadlink rm minis for controlling ir ceiling fans and split system a/cs, which work as expected, but I’m trying to reduce the number of WiFi devices, or atleast not add more.

Is there something similar that works via zigbee (I have zigbee2mqtt running). Zwave is also a potential option, although being in Australia zwave options are generally limited.

I don’t think such a device exists. Generally ZigBee devices are end-devices, not devices controlling other end-devices. I hope you get what I mean :joy:

Yeah I get it. I don’t think such a thing exists either, but the collective mind may know of something that I couldn’t find an answer to!

Not zigbee, but there’s a wifi-enabled IR sender for fans from Bond Home. Not sure if the API is open yet or not.

I’ve ordered an additional broadlink rm mini for the moment which does the job fine. Thanks for the input.

Sonoff now make a zigbee switch. Heaven knows what people will hack out of that :slight_smile:

I even have one! :slight_smile:

I have one, works well. I use it for switching my 3D printer off.

Only problem I’ve had with it is the lack of earth connection, ok for a lamp or similar. I’d sooner my printer was earthed, so had to wire it separately.

Would think this would be fairly easy to build with an xbee and an Arduino. Lots of Arduino libraries for ir and the xbee now supports serial transmissions to and from home assistant, although this may only be with an xbee coordinator.