Zigbee issues after power failure

Having recently been well (WELL!) rid of ZWave after years of hassle nearly every time I restarted the server, came across a Vera “known issue” or was on the receiving end of some weird OZW MQTT bug, I figured Zigbee+WiFi was the answer.

Now, before I say that just WiFi (and the comparative magic resiliency of goddamn TCP/IP instead of resetting sensors with “customer-provided magnets”) is the answer, I had some questions:

  1. If a 2-hour power outage means that (some, not all, which is even more bewildering) Xiaomi Zigbee door/window/motion sensors forget their path to the controller (because said path was through a power plug or other such repeater which was of course offline for 2 hours also) , is there really no way forward except a) waiting for up to 24 hours for themselves to (maybe) magically heal or b) go around the house like an idiot poking them with a SIM tool in order to make a new pairing (and maybe also get a new entity ID because of the magic of DeConz)?

  2. Is only Xiaomi stupid enough to never change their route for their battery-powered sensors? I read of no such issue with IKEA Tradfri…they only do motion sensors, but given that my Tradfri wireless switches are all awake and well, I was considering replacing the Xiaomi motion sensors with Tradfri ones.

  3. Why does DeConz (the HA addon version) sometimes not show the link lines between devices in the VNC map even though they (mostly) all work?

  4. Before chucking some more money at the problem, can anyone share real experiences with Shelly battery-powered devices (like the door/window sensor)? I love my existing Shelly devices (some 2.5 roller/shutter controllers & a plug), but life was also grand with Zigbee before I introduced battery-powered devices to the equation and things started going sideways.

  5. I feel like some Zigbee info is quite arcane and not readily available, like the Xiaomi “take the paired route to the grave” issue for their sensors…given that their sensors are probably the most readily-available Zigbee sensors worldwide, how do more people not mention this?? And it’s not just a problem if having a power outage, nowadays I have to make sure that I re-pair these damned things with all my lights turned off at the switch so that they route through power plugs only, because previously if a guest would come over and turn a bulb off for a couple of hours from the wall switch, they would create the MUCH worse problem of sensor unavailability until re-pair.

Any info would be much appreciated :slight_smile: (and yet I still have way less stress with this setup than with ZWave via Vera, OZW 1.4 or OZW 1.6 :smiley: )