Zigbee LED Controller

Hi Guys.

So i purchased a TuYa LED Zigbee controller but having some issues with it. I have it connected to HA via Zigbee2MQTT and can turn it on and off with no problems.

This is the controller.

Now i have these four wires from the LED strip. Red , Green White and Blue.

Now looking at the LED Controller i would have assumed Blue to B , Red to R and Green to G. It does not seem to matter where i put the White in either of the three V+ ports.

The issue is in HA i see the colour spectrum but no matter what colour i select its never the colour of the LED lights. What am i doing wrong here?

Don’t assume wire colors, I’d definitely use a meter and verify which wire is which signal…

potentially i have purchased the wrong controller. The one i have is RGB but i see others that are RGBW which is the cables i have.

Agree, the colors on the wire do not match the light color, I have seen the same. Do some try and error, you will easily guess after a few tries. Go for the red/green and blue in HA and figure out which colors they end as. Then change around until correct.

The RGBW needs 5 wires, one for “power” (mine use a black wire) and one for the 4 different colors, red, blue, green and white.

If you only have 4 wires I believe it is a RBG LED.

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Ah ok so i have purchased the correct controller then?

Will take another look at it tomorrow,. Its possible my cables were not tight enough as well.

This is correct. there will be 1 common ground + 1 ‘signal’ per color - white is a ‘color’ in RGBW.

GROUND +RGBW = 5 conductors.
GROUND+RGB = 4 conductors.

You can figure out what each channel is once oyu isolate ground by setting your controller to 100% one single color in HA - then find out which conductor has voltage on the meter - that’s that color. Repeat for as many channels as you have.

Not directly related, however a hard lesson I learned. Make sure you do NOT keep you LED strip rolled up in the spool it came in while you are doing your testing. Until you see smoke, melted plastic and wire insulation you do not appreciate it power that is being moved around on the LED strips. Good hunting!


I am using a similar Zuya Zigbee Smart LED controller. May I know how do I get this device in pairing mode with HA?

it’s undocumented: 5 times off/on does the trick.
however: for me the white channel does not seem to work (brightness for instance is ignored completely). actually the whole thing acts weird. anyone got this one to work properly / as expected?

Hi did you manage to figure it out? I have also added to HA but cant get the effects to work. Everything just makes the lights blink once