Zigbee Led dimmer to control a 12V PC fan


I’m looking for a simple ventilation setup, with a silent 12V regular PC fan, typically 12cm or more. Just to keep it simple, I’m thinking about controlling the fan speed with a 12V Zigbee Led dimmer. Have anyone done something similar? Would it be possible to control fan direction in any way?

Thanks for any help or ideas.

Have not tried but from researching the control of AC fans I know that fans can not usually be speed controlled by using a dimmer, instead you would normally need a “fan-speed regulator” or “linear regulator controller”.

I do not know if a Zigbee based fan-speed regulator product compatible with 2 volt DC fans.

Hi Jreidel, did you find a solution to drive the 12V PC fan using a Led Dimmer (one only color I suppose)?

I found this product, but I don’t know if working

If you have any idea (or solution), thanks in advance to keep me informed, I’m looking to the same simple ventilation setup, too!!


Slightly different solution- but someone has an ESP-based method for this.

Perhaps a 5v fan would remove the need for a step down transformer and simplify things further.

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