Zigbee LIDL Silvercrest Plug repeater not working

I’ve got several Silvercrest plugs from LIDL. The newer ones with energy monitoring. Lidl HG08673
they are not doing a mesh network, so there is no repeating. I tried it with a Philips plug and the mesh is working fine. Then again Silvercrest and I can’t find the devices further away from the gateway.
I am currently working with ZHA and the SkyConnect Stick.
Do you have any solutions? Is it possible that this device is not able to act as a repeater? I heard the previous Lidl Silvercrest plug is able to repeat.

Maybe switch to Zigbee2MQTT. The were in promotion last Friday, I bought 8 of them, and they repeat just fine. But then again, I use Zigbee2MQTT and a CC2625 , not ZHA and Skyconnect, so your mileage may vary.

Thanks for the tip. I will switch to Z2M as I heard it is also possible to use it with the Skyconnect, so I don’t have to buy another dongle.