Zigbee light turning on then off when web interface loads

A curious issue.

I’m using ZHA with a Skyconnect dongle. I have a single zigbee light I’m currently testing.

Today - every time I open the tab on my browser that has homeassistant.local already open the light turns on then off with a second.

Any thoughts on where to start trouble shooting?

Does the history of the light say anything about it turning on and off? If so, that should tell you what triggered it. But that is an odd one. The only similar thing I’ve experienced is when automations are triggered on “to: on” then if the device goes from “unavailable” to “on” it triggers. I’ve seen this problem when restarting HomeAssistant and every device goes from “unavailable” to “on”. (I solved that by including “from: off”.)

The history does not record these “phantom” actions. I seemed to have solved the issue by reloading the page. Its a strange issue.