Zigbee lights unavailable randomly?

Hello people!

Something happened with my Home Assistant on April 29th, the server became unresponsive and couldn’t use it with browser or mobile phone, so I did what sometimes needs to be done: shut off power from my Raspberry where my HA installation is (on SSD). Usually everything comes back alive after reboot (not that I need to do that often, but maybe 2-3 times a year), but this time many zigbee devices (Philips Hue lights mostly!) remained unavailable after a long long time. I have a big zigbee mesh with almost 100 devices, maybe half of them are routers (lights).

Here’s one example of my guest bedroom light (Hue bulb):

I can’t understand why this and few other bulbs (and some battery-powered devices as well) keeps acting this way! Most devices work just fine without problems but those lights that don’t work are all Philips Hue. Some Hue lights work without problems, so does all my Ikea, Ledvance, Osram bulbs as well.

And all those lights that suddenly drop outside mesh are in spots that have zigbee routers all around, so it’s not that they are in far corners of the mesh etc. Any idea what has happened and how is this fixed?

All right, things started to go more and more crazy, and couldn’t control my devices anymore (or half of them), so I finally plugged my ConbeeII out of my HA Raspberry, and updated firmware via Windows. Now everything works again!

No idea why things started to go wrong, I remember now that even before that HA crash some of my lights started to go randomly on or off, for couple of days. Not sure, but I think that too old firmware on ConbeeII combined with latest HA update was the real reason for things going crazy for a while.

But like said, now everything is working again! :slight_smile: Too bad I already ordered Sonoff ZBDongle-P, as that seems to be a Zigbee stick that people prefer over Conbee. Not looking forward to migrating my 96 zigbee devices to new mesh, but maybe I do that…