Zigbee mesh map

I’m trying to get a better understanding of how the zigbee network on my system works.

I installed the ‘zigbee2mqtt Networkmap’ from HACS and put the required YAML lines in my configuration.yaml file, with no errors - but what next? How do I access the network map?


Should be in the left sidebar

Thanks for the reply, ‘Skye’.

I’ve now got the menu item - there were leading spaces in the yaml lines I copied and pasted.

The problem I now have is that I constantly get: “No update received yet. Re-checking…”.
I’m guessing that the graphic data isn’t being generated .

Can I use this plugin even though I run Hue lamps from the Hue bridge? Sounds neat!

No. The map from ‘zigbee2mqtt Networkmap’ and/or ‘zigbee2mqttassistant’ only work with zigbee2mqtt

Yes, I realised that. I’m using ZHA, so the map doesn’t work.

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Thanks francisp!