Zigbee mesh network not reaching 3rd floor

Hi everyone

I’ve just started with home assistance, due to reasons I chose to use solely zigbee devices (for now).

So I have a small house, but is divided in 3 floors, it’s around 4x10m (base floor) and I have 10 devices or so per floor.
Although a few on the last floor aren’t responsive, if I bring them downstairs they work as expected, but not upstairs, to make it more strange, there are other devices working in the rooms of the ones that don’t.

From what I’ve read, zigbee should work as a mesh network, so I don’t really understand what’s why is not working.

I’m using a ConBee 2, and in the integration visualization, this is what I see:

The device in the red circle is the ConBee 2, strangely it seems it only connects to a power socket (in the same room) and this is the one that connects to multiple others, and the vast majority don’t connect to anything.
Still the vast majority works as expected and only 4 of these do not.

I really don’t know what more to tell about the issue.
Does anyone know what could be the issue?

Do you know the difference between a router and an end-device? Battery powered zigbee devices are end-devices and do not route or connect to other end-devices. Hence you need to make sure to have plenty of routers spread around your house (usually mains powered devices, such as power plugs).


…and light bulbs, which are probably the easiest and most common way to extend the mesh.

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Didn’t know about that.
Yeah, only the socket is powered, all the others are battery based.
That must be it.

Glad I could help.