Zigbee module to control swing shutter motor Thomson 500015


I have swing shutters that i plan to motorize with arm motor ( Thomson model).
This le delivered with a proprietary 868mhz radio control, or can be linked to a regular shutter Switch by the use of 3 wires white, green and blue

I did not find any info on the forum about controlling this motor…

And this is the trick, the three wires are only low power control ones, there are not power delivering tension to the motor in one direction or the other. It even says “do not put 220v on it”
There is a white wire, and closing this wire (dry contact) to either of the two other wires will send the signal to the controller to open or close the shutter.

Most of my control are based on zigbee, and I have also, as plan B, possibility to use rfx 433mhz. But I would prefer to use zigbee.

So my question is which zigbee switch or relay module could you advise me to use?
Most of the one I can easily find have the purpose to redirect 220v to the output, and have only one output.
Some have two outputs but also to redirect high voltage, and are not made two by used as “swing switch” ( bascule), with three positions:
White connected to blue
White connected to green

Any zigbee module comes to your mind?

Thanks in advance



I got the exact same Thomson model and therefore the exact same question.

I have looked at a lot of relay models but haven’t found anything that match our requirement yet.

Any luck on your side ?


Hello Yamdar,

I have not yet tested it, but I have ordered a zigbee module from orvibo that has 3 dry-contacts relays. It is a bit too big for my wish (can not be inside an electric hole) but is nice-looking enough that I acn put it in a protected area behind the actuator.
Then I will have to define an automation (I use node-red) to controle either the “open” relay, or the “close” relay side, not at the sae time et by default both in the "contact open "position.

It is a bit of a hassle,but should do it.
I will keep you posted (but I will be able to mount all before mid november I believe…)