Zigbee Multi Button

Just wondering if anyone knew of a battery powered Zigbee multi-button device. Would like to have at least 4 buttons. There are a couple of places in the house that I would like to have multiple buttons. Yes, I could just mount 4x Aqara buttons together, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a more elegant solution.

Thanks in advance.

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There’s several options depending on your location, example EcoDim ED-10014 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT


I am in the USA. I don’t need a mains switch, just a Zigbee button array. I literally just need something to stick to the wall.

Yes, the one I linked is battery powered. Several of the one I linked in the second link are too. No idea if they are on sale in the US though, try searching for a known vendor in the first link. IKEA has some four-button ones too.

Also these guys have a bunch of battery powered switches:

Thanks all. I had been searching for about an hour when I posted. My next search started turning up what I was looking for (the MOES being one of them). The wife is going to love this.

I have a Vesternet VES-ZB-REM-013 12 Button Remote.

Natively, it can control 4 separate devices, turn all 4 devices off/on simultaneously and has 2 scene buttons. With some work in Node Red I was able to tweak the use of the buttons so it has 12 unique actions.

Got two of these, like them a lot because I can take them off the magnetic plate and move them if I need them in a different place for e.g. music volume control:

From Aliexpress

The IKEA tradfri 5 button has been great for me. There is a blueprint available to easily set up all the buttons.