Zigbee network shuts down iwth Error: SREQ

Hello Everybody.

Because at the moment I do not know where to start off, I am asking this both on Github and on Home assistant forums.
This past weekend I bought a new zigbee device, and, because i had made no changes to my setup in 2 years, you can all imagine what happened: update os (home assistant core from 2021 to 2023), update mosquitto server, update z2m addon all to latest versions and managing all the braking changes. Including the mysql database updated by home assistant.

All well and done after about 5 hours.

The issue now is that my zigbee network turns off, and last messages in logs are:

Error: SREQ '--> AF - dataRequestExt - {"dstaddrmode":2,"dstaddr":"0x000000000000fffd","destendpoint":242,"dstpanid":0,"srcendpoint":242,"clusterid":33,"transid":165,"options":0,"radius":30,"len":6,"data":{"type":"Buffer","data":[25,246,2,11,254,0]}}' failed with status '(0x10: MEM_ERROR)' (expected '(0x00: SUCCESS)')
    at Object.func (/app/node_modules/zigbee-herdsman/src/adapter/z-stack/znp/znp.ts:322:27)
    at Queue.executeNext (/app/node_modules/zigbee-herdsman/src/utils/queue.ts:32:32)

I did restart the home assistant server.
I am running it in a virtual machine, all the hardware is the same as before the update process.
Core 2023.11.2
Supervisor 2023.11.0
Operating System 7.6
Frontend 20231030.2

I am using a cc2538 zigbee stick:
Coordinator type zStack30x
Coordinator revision 20211222

z2m: Current version: 1.33.2-1

I asked a good friend of mine if he encountered issues like these, but he did not. He is also running HA as a vm, he hase the same cc2538 stick as mine (I made them), his coordinator version is 20201010.

I have no idea where to start the identification process.

One more thing, I have in home assistant, some “updates” on settings screen. There are 2 updates mentioning 2 of my Ikea Tradfri light switches. These are always there, I am unable to stop them.

So, any ideas where I should start? I am kind of desperate as I need z2m to control HVAC.
Next stop error:

Error: SREQ '--> AF - dataRequestExt - {"dstaddrmode":2,"dstaddr":"0x000000000000fffd","destendpoint":242,"dstpanid":0,"srcendpoint":242,"clusterid":33,"transid":108,"options":0,"radius":30,"len":6,"data":{"type":"Buffer","data":[25,191,2,11,254,0]}}' failed with status '(0x10: MEM_ERROR)' (expected '(0x00: SUCCESS)')
    at Object.func (/app/node_modules/zigbee-herdsman/src/adapter/z-stack/znp/znp.ts:322:27)
    at Queue.executeNext (/app/node_modules/zigbee-herdsman/src/utils/queue.ts:32:32)

Sounds like you changed a number of things at once, unfortunately that is often a recipe for problems in a stable home automation setup. Also, I do not see that you say any details of what this new zigbee device is that you added. That info would help folks help you.

I would try and figure out how to backout some of your changes, one at a time. For example, remove this new device in zigbee2mqtt. Then if that does not help, down grade your zigbee2mqtt back to the version that was working for you.

I find it is a good idea to be one complete ‘month’ version .9 , .10, .11 behind until at earliest late in the month of the current release. For example, 2023.10.5 would be when I would start to consider upgrading to a .10 release from a .9 release. It is difficult to ‘roll back’ from new releases. Too many intertwined components.

A two year delta upgrade is a pretty big leap if you did it in one step.

Good hunting!

First thing’s first: I added a new Ikea zigbee lamp, which wasnt supported by my old z2m version. Thus, needing upgrade. This is where it all started.

This evening I managed to also update the coordinator fw.

If this is still crapping out, I will try to buy a new cc2652 stick and try to remove the stuck updates on the 2 devices - ikea switches.

I do not know what else to do.
There is no way to backtrack to the initial state - that is 2021 core and 1.22 z2m version…

You might need to rebuild your complete ZigBee network at this point if you are not able to find the error.

I agree that 2 years without update almost screams for (weird) problems. I try to stick with quarterly updates to don’t suffer to many breaking changes at ones.

last night I ended up updateing the cc2538 coordinator firmware. I think there was an issue with it. Either something stuck, or it is going haywire. I use j-link to flash using jtag. The first 3-4 times I flashed the latest firmware it did not get recognized as ti cc… and I thought i was doing something wrong.
But the last time I tried it did work, and now it hasn’t stopped since then.
I did use erase memory first, flash and verify every time, but still…

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Hope that was the solution! And you are back and stable. Good hunting!

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