Zigbee not working properly?

Hello all,

I have a home assistant installed on docker inside my Synology NAS with latest version.

I started to test some Zigbee components but I have some trouble…

This is the dongle zigbee connected to my NAS properly connected:

This is a working (working means after peering I’m able to see the functions of component) zigbee components:

And here the components for which I have trouble:

What I’m wrong? Are the component or some setup on my system? Anyone has same issue?

Have read this.

One if the major things is to eliminate interface.

  1. Make sure you have a USB cable or hub around 1 meter in length.
  2. Do not use a usb3 port
  3. Make sure your dongle is not near your existing 2.4ghz wifi
  4. When adding new devices consider having them close to the dongle when configuring them
  5. Consider adding zigbee repeaters if the distance between devices is substantial
  6. Make sure the battery powered devices have good batteries.

Hello and thansk for reply! here some comments:

  1. components is very near to the dongle
  2. i have only usb 3.0 on my NAS. any option to use the 3.0? what should i expect as problem?
  3. unfortunatly router and NAS are near each other. should I use a special channel for zigbee which is not going in conflict with router 2.4G or 5G?
  4. everytime i adding device, i’m near the dongle
  5. this is not my case for the problem because the problem is facing directly after adding
  6. the motion sensor is powered by cable… so no issues about it.

any suggestion for point 2 and 3? but why for one product it’s working and the other not? if the problem would really be wifi connection and usb 3.0 i should have the same problem for all devices… it’s still unclar…

I would recommend an approximate 1 meter USB 2 extension cable, I am pretty sure you can then use the USB 3 port as the USB2 cable will work via backwards compatibility. Everything I have seen indicates this is likely the problem.
For reference I am running zha with the same dongle using 4 different ikea devices, switches and lights.

Maybe I found a possible way to let them work… using zigbeeToMQTT… but I don’t know the real difference between standard zigbee or the other… someone could explain what the change behind?