Zigbee NYCE Garage Door Sensor

I have 2 NYCE 3014 devices, both linked to Home Assistant as I have 2 garage doors. One of them shows in my dashboard as OPEN/CLOSED (as I would expect) however the other shows ON/OFF which is strange. I have compared both devices side by side and don’t see any differences besides the IEEE which is expected.

Any idea how to get the ON/OFF to show OPEN/CLOSED as it should considering the device is a tilt sensor and should report/show OPEN/CLOSED.

IIRC this has something to do with device class. If it is a switch then in Lovelace HA would say on/off; if it is a door or window (a cover) then HA would show open/closed.

And I believe one could specify / customize your device class.

Disregard the below… got it working by excluding and reincluding the device that was not reporting as expected.

How do you configure, or re-configure the device class? I added/included both in the same inclusion and only one of the sensors is correct for a garage door tilt sensor (cover) OPEN/CLOSED and the other is not. Thanks