Zigbee or Thread?

I’m about to add sensors to the entire house and wonder if Zigbee 3.0 is ok to invest in with Thread just starting to take off?

Thread is still in draft mode and you will probably not see many products before it changes to release mode.
When that, hopefully, happens later this year, then you will start to see products announced, but they are just presentations.
The products need to be made first and then distributed and you need to find them available also.
You will probably be well into 2023 if not 2024 before you find all your needed sensors available in thread versions.

Thread is the better standard in my opinion with low response times, interoperability between brands, no point of single failure and IPv6 natively implemented, but can you wait for it to get here?

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As of today, threads/matter are basically vaporwares besides whitepapers and demos.
If/When we start to see actual implementations next year, you still don’t know if they will actually “take off”.


Bottom-line: Waiting for new tech has yet to be proved working for anybody :wink:

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What @koying said.

The eve Thread motion sensors seem to be available to order from Apple

Don’t mention Apple and standards in the same thread.

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Apple is like the weird kid at the open public basketball court that refuse to play by the standard rules, so he invent his own set of rules and stays on the court.
You just have to play around him and if he gets the ball anyway, then just accept what he does, because he will be stubborn to the bone and fight you in every conceivable way.
On the other hand, if decide to try to follow his rules, then he will also fight you, because only he is allowed to use those rules.


I came to this thread (no pun intended) because I’m invested in Zigbee and would need to know about any potential future obsolescence.

I came away with the best analogy for Apple I’ve ever seen. I’m going to use that one a LOT!

So where’s the best place to follow thread developments?

My commercial grade X10 RF bridge just died and I’m trying to decide between Zigbee and Thread.


If you need something today to replace your X10 setup, then Zigbee it is.

Thread development is progressing, and a couple of “pre-standard” compatible devices are on the market today, and you probably will hear a lot more news coverage in the next 12 months.
Still, to replace any full house setup, I’d say it still need another 2 or 3 (if not 5) years at least.

So, if I were you, I would go Zigbee. And stay away from Thread until the next iteration of Thread (Thread 2.0?) devices become widely available.