Zigbee or WiFi Anemometr

I am looking for a wind (air) speed sensor for a smart home. Anemometer. Zigbee or WiFi. Can you suggest, advise something? My goal is to find a small ready-made sensor and integrate it into a smart home. I need to measure the air velocity in the ventilation duct. In xiaomi, tuya and in other systems, I did not find this. Thanks for the help.

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Hi, did you find anything? because I am looking for a wind sensor too.

No Unfortunately. I haven’t found anything suitable yet.
I ordered an anemometer with bluetooth. I plan to somehow get data from him in the home assistant. I will try.

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Hey @Sated,

would you mind to share which BT anenometer you have found.
I also gave up searching for zigbee though it would have been perfect.


I already have it. In the ios application, it shows great speed. It works on bluetooth well.
Now I’m thinking how to get these parameters for bluetooth in the home assistant. I don’t know yet.

I see, expected a more fixed device. Thx for sharing anyway.
I will try the approach that was mentioned here: Help to configure mqtt anemometer

That anemometer doesn’t suit me. I need a device that measures the speed of air in the duct. And there - it measures the speed of the wind.
I have a slightly different task.