Zigbee or WiFi dimmer switch; box has no place for Shelly. Moes works with HA? EU market

Hello everybody,

I am searching for a Wifi or Zigbee dimmer switch for a room that only has one wall switch; neutral is present. I have a Shelly Dimmer 2 however, there is not enough space behind the switch to mount it. The dimmer should work with LED (3 X 12W on same switch) and take the 230V & 50Hz supply.

I see some Moes (TuYa) products that fit the description, but not sure if they work with HA. Also, would be nice if it can run locally.

Some extra info:

  • I run Home Assistant on OMV in Docker (Portainer)
  • I use Sonoff Zigbe 3.0 USB dongle (& Zigbee2MQTT)

I really don’t want to go with smart bulbs :slight_smile:

I have a few Shelly dimmer and one Moes dimmer and it works fine with the Tuya integration, however, I believe the Shelly’s dimmer is smaller than the Moes one or, at maximum, at similar size. And between those I won’t think twice about going with Shelly as the local integration works way smoother.

I hear you, but the problem is that behind the switch it’s full of cables and there is no space for the Shelly Dimmer. That’s why I’m on a lookout for “all-in-one”, like this: BSEED Dimmer Wall Switch - Amazon.de with depth of 25mm.

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