Zigbee or WiFi input module


I’m trying to find a simple switch monitor to integrate into Home Assistant. Primarily it will be to monitor the set status of my intruder alarm that I can use to run some automations when it gets set/unset but I may use them for other purposes in future.

Most of the switches I see are push buttons where I’m looking for something with input terminals that I can switch off an output from my intruder panel.

Ideally it would run off 12v so I can power it from the intruder panel that has a battery backup so there’s no chance of it going wonky during a power cut but a mains powered one would work too.

Either zigbee or WiFi would be fine as the signal for both is strong where I’ve fitted my intruder panel, would anyone have any recommendations?

Have look at Shelly.




Deepening how you get your status of your alarm - maybe only measuring some voltage? - it might be easy enough to use esp board with a high voltage range to power (I think the old nodemcu’s were able to be powered by up to 12V). And to “extend” the ADC voltage reading possibility you probably will need one more voltage divider - ether self build or something pre made like this :point_down:


All powered with esphome and all good :+1:

I can do whatever I want with it, the easiest would just be monitoring a contact that goes closed when the system is set but I can give it 12v instead easily enough, I’ll have a look at that

Thanks, I’ll check them out when I get home

I bought the Shelly 1 instead of the Plus 1 as this unit will literally only be used to monitor an input. Works perfectly, and once I set up the CoIot to unicast directly to HA it even updates immediately. Thank you.