Zigbee or Z-Wave

While I’m mostly interested in the best hardware to plug into/onto a RPi4, I’m also interested in recommendation of Zigbee vs Z-Wave

Zigbee for me.

Some factors in deciding:
ZWave allows up to 4 relays to get from a device to the hub.
ZigBee essentially allows unlimited relays
ZigBee can handle many more devices in a mesh (65,000 vs 232)
ZWave uses less power than ZigBee.
ZigBee runs faster (250 Kb/s vs 100 Kb/s)
ZigBee can interfere with 2.4GHz WiFi.
ZWave can interfere with cordless landline phones and baby monitors.
They both support around 3000 devices with ZWave being slightly ahead.
ZigBee can have a longer distance between devices:

  • 300 meters vs 100 meters line-of-sight
  • 75-100 meters vs 9 meters indoors
    ZigBee chips are slightly less expensive than ZWave chips
    In 2019 the “Common Smart Home Standard collaboration” was formed and includes Apple, Google, Amazon, and Zigbee. ZWave is not included.
    I’m using both in my home. I like the ZWave toggle switches from Honeywell, GE, Zooz, etc. and I like the ZigBee door sensors originally from SmartThings. I have a USB controller that handles both protocols.
    Sometime in the next few years we’ll be seeing Thread/CHIP home automation devices. It looks as though Thread may allow these devices to work without a hub, simply talking to each other. I’m waiting to see how that would integrate with Home Assistant.
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I’m running both Z-wave and Zigbee(ZHA).
Started with Z-wave but the devices are pretty expensive so added zigbee for the lights, door sensors etc.

I use both depending on availability of functionality in the devices/availability in general/price.

Thanks qoheleth. What USB are you using?

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I have enjoyed this stick for Z-Wave for many years, especially once I added a USB extension.

However, recently I started adding Zigbee devices because of the lower price for light-weight sensors: door/window, temp/humidity and power plugs from Aqara.

Now I’m starting to have some issues with ZHA and my Nortek stick; devices aren’t easily added, they frequently report incorrect state, so I was curious if there are any considerations for how to manage your Zigbee network on HA, i.e. ZHA, deConz, Zigbee2MQTT or other options.