Zigbee Parameters?

I don’t know the best to place this question (even outside of HA) so I’m hoping someone here can help. I have a new blind that runs a Zigbee motor (Sonese 28) and I found a driver that allows this to work with ST for up and down but I’m curious how I can go about finding out if there is other information available from the device such as battery percentage or anything?

I’m running HA with the ST integration for this device.

FYI, this “Zigbee” section is really only about Home Assistant’s built-in ZHA integration and Zigbee device products that can be used with it, but as it sounds like you are using a SmartThings Hub then you likely want to post to the “Configurations” section instead, however even that section is really only about configuration of the integrations so you are probably better of posting your questions to the SmartThings Community instead → https://community.smartthings.com/ or alternatively report it as an issue to Home Assistant core → Issues · home-assistant/core · GitHub