Zigbee PIR

Any recommendations on a Zigbee PIR for outdoor garage in the UK (Not exposed to rain).

I already have an Aqara one bit it seems to suffer in the cold, battery is fine but the temp and motion stop working till the garage warms up a bit so not that confident with it.
I have the Aqara door sensor and that seems to work no matter how cold it gets.

Hue makes an outdoor sensor, but if out of the elements, the indoor unit may do.

I’ve tried many, and consider the Hue indoor best in class. Never tried the outdoor unit, but suspect it’s mostly the same, oher than the housing.

Funnily enough I’m having problems connection to my Zigbee devices in the garage in the last day or two because of the cold. The ironic thing is because it doesn’t seem to connect in the cold I cant switch on my zigbee extension cord which has the heater on it without going into the garage.

I know that a lot of batteries aren’t as efficient in the cold so I moved that extension in there as it draws it’s power from the mains and it can act as a repeater only a few feet from the other devices, but no they seem to wait till the day warms up to work.