Zigbee plan (Moving away from Wifi based devices)

I have a need of many DIN based modules (Meters/MCBs etc) which are available on Aliexpress. As most of them are TUYA based, they come in either WIFI or Zigbee flavor.

I have a requirement that nothing should be cloud based (No data leak to China)

My understanding is that converting WIFI ones to Tasmota is going to be a mammoth task as these are glued shut devices and most of them donot have templates or pinouts on Tasmota website.

So, my plan is to buy Zigbee ones and one Sonoff Zigbee hub, which can be converted to Tasmota. This way, just by converting one device to Tasmota, I can add as many Zigbee devices and there is no data leak (as well as fumbling of data for pinouts etc).

Is my understanding correct?
PS -
I am lookng for these to integrate -

Biggest potential issue as a less common device would be support in ZHA or zigbee2mqtt. Even with ZHA, Tuya devices almost never ‘just work’ without a custom quirk/converter.

If it hasn’t been added yet the dev teams are pretty good about getting devices running. Just get one to test and be prepared to help the devs with logs and such.

Converted Sonoff hub reviews seem mixed(no first hand experience). Consider a usb adapter as the coordinator or one of the tubez wired ethernet adapters.

The ones I am looking at is quite expensive (150USD + Hub) so was thinking if its a sureshot way (and I dont get stuck with equipment I dont need)

Very little is surefire with this stuff.

Looks like it should be supported by z2m: TuYa TS0601_rcbo control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

Still if it is a later revision or variant with a different model or manufacturers ID, z2m might not recognize it immediately.

Probably best to reach out to the user that helped get it added to z2m. Look at the activity in github: Search · _TZE200_hkdl5fmv (github.com)