Zigbee possible on remote location with Home Assistant?

In brief, I have HA running and monitoring 2 locations: local and remote over a VPN.
Right now I have wifi devices at the remote locations running Tasmota and a few camera and a HA page showing and controlling those devices.

I would like to add Zibee devices for door/window sensors (and probably more).
It appears the Dongle Gateways need to plug into the HA server in order to work. Is this correct?

Is there another option I could use to connect those remote Zigbee sensors to my local HA server?


There are such a thing as a network coordinator. But generally speaking it should be on the same local network as the HA server.

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I could see a raspi with a zigbee dongle running Z2M in a docker that would communicate to the mothership over the VPN using MQTT. That’s low enough bandwidth to possibly work.
should work…


You can use GitHub - custom-components/remote_homeassistant: Links multiple home-assistant instances together to connect a remote instance of HA to a primary one to manage and control devices of that remote instance in the primary location.


Being the ever-present Overseer, Google presented me this article in my news feed:

And using an IP address and port as a Socket in HA Zigbee integration, it appears this will work well for my setup.

I’ll keep TH3xR34P3R suggestion on hand in case the Sonoff Zigbee Tasmotta Bridge doesn’t pan out.

Thanks everyone!