Zigbee power meter peaks on load start-up

Hello everybody, this is my first post here!

I’m having troubles getting the power consumption from a zigbee outlet (Bticino Living Now K4531C).
A fridge is connected to the outlet.
I set up the helper “Riemann sum integral” for getting the energy out of the power.

As you see from the image, when the fridge starts, the power sensor detects a false power peak (I think because of electromagnetic noise or something).
Problem is that the Riemann helper “adds up” a consistent consumption from that peak.

What can I do? Is there any way in ha to ignore upper than X sensed power?


My non-zigbee power outlets do the same with both my freezers - in fact my Shelly EM which is in a different room but monitoring the house power picks up these spikes. I’d say they are real. They are easier to spot during the night.


Thank you for the reply,
even if they are real, the energy consumption calculated by the Riemann sensor is not correct.
The power consumption of the fridge is 100wh, which results in MAX 2,4KWh/day.
Today as an example I’ve got 4,5KWh, with 4 hours to go.
There has to be something wrong

The Reimann integration have different methods, maybe the “right” version fits better to the eliminate the motor start spike.

Mine are added by YAML in my config :

- platform: integration
    source: sensor.fridge_freezer_energy_power
    name: Fridge Freezer Power
    unit_prefix: k
    round: 2 

This gives this for a big American Style Fridge Freezer per day :

At the end, the “left” Reimann method seems to be correct: