Zigbee Power Meter Smart UK style Plug?

Most smart plugs seem to be a mixture of:
Power Meter

But never all three at once? I have a TPLink wifi plug, but i’m looking for the zigbee equivalent essentially, that i can use with my deConz.

I guess if i have to fall back on wifi, what decent wifi power metering plug can i get, with any good/extra features?


I use the Salus SP600 with zigbee2mqtt so presume it will work with deConz.


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Perfect, a little pricy, not that there are many alternatives, it does get great reviews.

I want to track a few “large” applicances and their power usage, then graph, make saving money a game to the household :crossed_fingers:. However i suspect i’ll fail to save the £25 they cost me each. Part of the fun though right :smiley:

Did you ever find a suitable product but cheaper? Looking to figure out what is costing me so much electricity each month!

Nope there really aren’t that many for the UK market, there are loads but as soon as you include a UK plug as a pre-requisite you have the choice of practically none. I bought a salus, but they are ~£30 a pop!

There is this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32839165490.html. But little info on it, I don’t really trust it working or being compatible, and its saving around £8 to wait a month of shipping and have no come back when it doesnt do what was promised isn’t really high on my list.

If it was cheaper i would have taken a punt on it.

the samsung smarttings plug works directly with zha and that has power usage reporting

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Theyre about £30 again as well right? Everytime you mix UK, power meter and zigbee together the price jumps :joy:

It says in the smart plug description that you must use their gateway is this correct? I’d imagen not and the plug can be connected directly to HA without the gateway.

Just want to make sure before I buy one as a replacement for my aeotec z wave plug (the range is shocking).