Zigbee PowerPlug falsley connected to Zigbee Remote

Hi all,

I have a very random issue with my zigbee configuration! I bought some new power plugs from slivercrest (Lidl Brand). So far they are connected via deconz with my home assistance instance and working fine.

One of those power plugs I use to turn on/off my surveillance camera based on presence. I have an automation for that, which is also working fine.

Now, very randomly, my camera turns on, because the power plug is turned on and home assistant gave me no clue why. There was no explanation which service/automation triggered the turn on/off

With a lot of investigating and trial and error I found out that using my Ikea Tradfri Remote (this one: TRÅDFRI Remote control - IKEA) that is located very close to this power plug is turning the powerplug on and off!

In deconz they have now connection what so every. (Plug-Camera & Fernbedienung Küche)

Has anyone and idea how I can prevent this from happening and unlink these two devices?

I had similar situation with xiaomi plug and xiaomi button. Without any automation on press button, plug toggles. I am using zigbee2mqtt and in network map I saw that button is connected to coordinator via this plug and somehow (i think this is zigbee feature) they interact without home assistant. I solved this by forcing button to pair via other device, ikea bulb which is near.

I know that scenario.
I eventually ended up removing all Tradfri remotes from my network.

I would very much like to see a solution for this issue as this is super annoying. But from the discussion in Discord it looked like this is a technical problem of the protocol.

Yes - this is due to an addition to Zigbee by IKEA to allow direct local control of a nearby device from a remote without a hub.

Sadly, with ZHA, the only solution I could find was to factory reset both the controlled device and the remote to remove the direct pairing.

The 5-button remotes are cheap, nice hardware, but work badly with ZHA (apparently slightly better with Z2MQTT), and can start eating batteries if the mesh changes (one CR2032 a DAY). The 1-button remote looks great, but with ZHA, it always paired with a Silvercrest bulb - it just didn’t work with ZHA for me.

I was able to solve this with all of your insights. Thank you for that!

I deleted the power plug from phoscon and moved it to a completely different room for the new setup. After that I readded the power plug in phoscon again but did not assign an area (before it was kitchen) to it. Now it is separate from the remote and can be used as intended :slight_smile: