Zigbee problem

I bought a ROBB smarrt 8 button remote switch model ROB_200-025-0

I looked for a blueprint for ZHA but there isnt any one.

I found a look a like (Sebastian_Lotz/zha-icasa-pulse-s8-keypad-remote.yaml) and i got it working a little bit if i configure button 1 on and off, the light wil go on and off
so far so good, but if a push button 2, 3 or 4 the same happens the light will turn on or off
so i have 4 on buttons that work as 1 button and i have for off buttons that works as 1 button
I am a newbie and i dont understand the Jaml language very well so i cant get it right.

there is an other blueprint but thats for MQTT ( Z2M - ROBB Smart 8-Button Switch )

i think this is the right one but i can get it to work in ZHA

if anyone knows how to fix this that would be super