Zigbee recommended hardware for UK user

Hi there.

I am looking to upgrade my system to beyond the three Ikea bulbs that I currently have and would be grateful for some recommendations.

I am trying to use Zigbee, wherever possible.

I need some individual smart electrical sockets, plus some smart power strips.

I also need some motion sensors and some light sensors for rooms, so they can turn bulbs on and off, depending on the exact light level in the room.

I also need some motion sensors that can work outside.

Plus, I also need some door sensors as well.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I have a local Ikea that I can nip to but am more than happy to wait for an Aliexpress order, for the best deal.

I’m not clear if you already have a zigbee controller or whether you’re using the Tradfi hub, I bought a controller from zzh Multiprotocol RF Stick (CC2652R1 - External Antenna) – Electrolama last month and I’m pleased with it.

If you’re just looking for sensors, sonoff, aqara seem OK to me. Just cheaper if you are willing to wait for Aliexpress deliver than get them from Amazon.

The only outdoor motion sensor I’ve seen is the Hue one but I’ve not bought one yet.

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There’s no smart power strips in the UK, sadly. Otherwise stuff I currently own includes:

For the outside motion sensor look at Hue’s outdoor sensor.

I’ll also second the vote for the ZZH if you don’t already have a coordinator.

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Thanks for that.

Sorry - should have said that I have exactly the same controller and agree that it is really very good (had it for about 12 months, now).

I did see a review from a youtuber called Paul Hibbert, who confirmed that the Ikea motion sensors work outside, but am not sure how these compare to the Aqara versions and whether the latter will work outside but if under a porch (rather than fully exposed).

Thanks for the tip about the Aqara motion sensor - if I can get the light and motion in one device, that would be ideal.

Aqara’s motion sensors claim to have a light sensor, but it only reports when motion is detected, so is a bit of a chocolate teapot.

I know others have put Aqara sensors outside under shelter and they’ve been fine. I’ve not done it myself, but it should be fine, at least if you don’t live on an island or exposed coastal location.

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Thanks very much for that - would these not be worth considering?

Smart Power Strips Zigbee 16A, Surge Protected USB Power Outlet, 5ft Extension Cord Smart Socket 4AC+2USB, Remote Control, Voice Control, Timer Control, Works with Alexa Google Home: AmazonSmile: DIY & Tools

4 Pack Zigbee Smart Plug,SONOFF S26R2ZBTPG Mini Outlet Socket Compatible with Alexa, Works with SmartThings hub,SONOFF ZigBee Bridge is Required : AmazonSmile: DIY & Tools

Am realising, now, that Zigbee is a bit pricier (though worth it in the circumstances. Thanks, also, for the tip on the Aqara light sensor - very odd implication of the sensor (and a bit pointless, as you say).

Edit - have also found that Ikea do their own version of the smart switch:

TRÅDFRI, Wireless control outlet - IKEA

and even found this

Click Smart+ 13A 2 Gang Zigbee Smart Switched Socket Outlet CMA30036 : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools

Difficult to work out which is the most useful/cost effective.

That’s an interesting strip. Whether it’ll work depends on how standards compliant it is (most devices aren’t, particularly anything that mentions Tuya) and whether you’re using ZHA (it’ll probably need somebody to build a Quirk) or Zigbee2MQTT (it needs support).

Sonoff… is a mixed bag. Their plugs are probably ok, though I’ve heard others comment that they’re not great routers. I personally discounted the Ikea plugs because thtey have no local control. The Sonoff’s local control is going to be covered by the cable of the device you connect.

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Try the Aurora Aone sockets, they have power monitoring. I have a few. Cheapest price is at Smart and Secure at the minute. A bit more expensive but they look better than the plug in type.



Thanks guys.

I was under the impression that any Zigbee product would work but seems I have to be a bit more careful.

I am using the Zigbee2MQTT - is the best advice to only buy devices that are on this link Zigbee2MQTT that you put above?

Also, very good point about local control - for some of my potential uses, I might be able to forgo an additional switch but, for the majority, it is pretty important to have that (my family are still quite anti-smart home at the moment, so don’t want to put them off at this early stage).

Well, they will, but whether they will out of the box, or whether you’ll have to put some effort in to making them work is the question.

Yes, if you can buy from there you know it’ll work without issue. Otherwise you’ll need to create your own support.

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Sorry - one other quick thing (apologies as a bit off topic).

I set up HA, originally, via following youtube videos - which is why I chose zigbee2mqtt (i.e. I had no idea other Zigbee protocols existed).

I hadn’t realised, until just now, that ZHA is an alternative - is there any reason not to switch to this, instead? Seems to be more stable, from the few articles I have just skimmed through.

No one has mentioned the Philips Hue motion sensors. They include a light sensor that reports independently of motion. Hands down my favorite motion sensor even if a little pricey.

I can’t speak directly to UK Sonoff plugs, but have been satisfied with the US versions. Sonoff sensors are another matter though, I would avoid them.

The difference between ZHA and Z2M is mostly personal choice. Do you want it all in one (ZHA) or separate (Zigbee2MQTT)? Both are equally stable. Z2M usually gets new device support faster than ZHA - unless the device is standards compliant when it’ll work with ZHA without any effort (which is less common than you’d think).

I like decoupling, which is why I run Z2M.

Z2M also has the photos of the devices which I find makes spotting the device you are looking for much quicker.

Does this device work as Bluetooth dongle at the same time as Zigbee? Or can it only be flashed to work as one or the other?

I have both Zigbee and BT devices.

One or the other, not both at the same time.