Zigbee relay with neutral

I have a light switch that powers one light fixture with smart bulbs, and one light fixture with an integrated led, so I can’t use smart bulbs. I’m changing all my light switches to inovelli zigbee switches as most of my lights use smart bulbs, but this particular fixture is a problem because I’d like to leave the smart bulbs always powered.

It seems that I could put a zigbee relay in the ceiling next to the integrated led light fixture to turn on and off power to just that fixture. I was thinking the sonoff zigbee mini l2 would work, but it’s a “non-neutral” device, so I’m not sure it’s actually the right device for this. All of the devices I’ve found that use neutrals aren’t zigbee devices, and I’d rather not use wifi or use a zwave coordinator as well.

I’ve also got everything standardized with ZHA, so I’m not sure how well the aqara relays would work.

Any suggestions for this device?

Not sure if this will help you, nor what country you are in. Unfortunately, I do not see any direct posts to say it is working ZHA, but you might explore. That said, I have good results with this unit in a no neutral Zigbee2MQTT setup, they sell in neutral version as well. I am able to use one button to control a ‘dumb’ light wired to the switch and the 2nd button to control a group of four smart always on zigbee lights. You can set one or both of the buttons to work in the ‘disconnected’ mode. Good hunting!

Aqara Smart Light Switch (No Neutral, Double Rocker)


The Sonoff zbmini uses neutral, the zbmini l2 is the no neutral version.