Zigbee remote control to turn lights on/off, similar to Hue Dimmer Switch but with more buttons?

Anyone know about or can recommend a Zigbee based remote control, with multiple simple and generic buttons that can be used to turn lights on and off?

I have so far used the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch and a Dymo label maker to put my own labels on each button, and then configured each button to turn on/off a specific light in Home Assistant.

This is basically the functionality and look that I’m after and I place one remote control in each room. But usually 4 buttons are too few, most rooms have perhaps 5-6 different lights that I would like to be able to control individually, and using multiple remotes to cover all lights in the room would be too messy.

Personally I’m okay with using my phone to control the lights, but each time we have guests it’s apparent that it’s a problem, also our children need to be able to turn lights on and off with a simple hardware button.

So anyone with a remote control suggestion with 6-8 buttons where the buttons are large enough to put your own labels on them?

Aqara Opple, Tuya scene switch

Thanks! I ordered a couple of Aqara Opple, they work great as a standalone remote and got space enough on each button to allow labels. The design could be a bit more sleeker and look better without the frame, but good enough for me.