ZigBee repeater recom

Hi. I have some MOES switches and aqara motion and vibration sensors. I commonly experience issues with some specific devices, especially with the aqara ones. I use IKEA plugs and tuya presence sensors as routers. Wich US plugs are good routers to work with this devices. I saw some USB tuya repeaters or the sonoff S40 plugs.

Does TUYA or IKEA repeaters work well with sonoff? Btw my coordinator is the sonoff dongle. Thanks

Most mains powered Zigbee devices will act as a router, pick what works best for you. I use a lot of the ThirdReality sockets for this (and utility for power monitoring) and they work great.

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I solved my short-range Zigbee network by adding one of these into each room.

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Do they work well with sonoff, tuya and aqara? I heard that aqara doesnt work well with some other companies ZigBee system. Thanks btw I will try them.

Zigbee should be fairly universal, I don’t know about the Aqara entire line but I have one of their pet feeders and it works fine on my Zigbee network. By the way, what @stevemann linked is precisely the plug I was referring to, I have about 24 of those around, first to extend my Zigbee network when it was budding but now as outstanding power meters.

I also have a few Sonoff around and they seem to play nice. I had a Tuya once to try out and hated it but it did work well with my system.

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