Zigbee reset it self. Is a network with 105 device to large to handle?

I have a Zigbee (ZHA) network with 105 devices. Last periode with more devices added, the zigbee network reset its selfs. Sometimes more then 10 times in a day. I have a Homeassistant Sky Connect coordinator and run the latest version of HA. Can anybody tell how to solve this or how I can find out what the issue is?

When you say “resetting”, what does that mean actually? The devices become unavailable? Is this all devices or just certain ones?

How many of your devices are mains powered devices/routers? From what it looks like, your LQI seems to be all over the place. Have you checked for interference?

The integration in Home Assistant, ZHA, resets. So all 105 devices are out for 10 seconds and then work again.
I think that 50 devices are on battery. So almost 50+ devices are powered and are routers in the zigbee network.

Yeah, that’s odd. Have you checked the HA logs to see if any errors are being thrown? That’s the first place I would start as it sounds like your mesh if pretty well off (aside from the wonky LQI readings).

ZHA should have no trouble with 105 devices.

What are you running HA on? If it’s a Raspberry Pi and you have other USB devices as well (SSD, for example) there may be power issues. The RPi can struggle to power all its USB ports - it’s a good idea to have any dongles in a powered USB hub.

Yes I am running on a RPI 5. I can try to use a powered USB HUB.

There can actually be problems with using that many devices if either have a older Zigbee Coordinator (that is using old hardware) or if you are using Multi-PAN and Multi-protocol on a newer Zigbee Coordinator (meaning that using the same radio adapter for both Zigbee and Thread at the same time).

@Bob71 Suggest try flashing the latest Zigbee NCP (EmberZNet) firmware beta instead of RCP firmware if have not already → silabs-firmware/EmberZNet/beta at main · NabuCasa/silabs-firmware · GitHub

Start by flashing a EmberZNet Zigbee NCP firmware (not a RCP firmware) on the SkyConnect and then make sure that you also follow all these best practice setup tips → Zigbee networks: how to guide for avoiding interference + optimizing using Zigbee Router devices (repeaters/extenders) to get best possible range and coverage

That includes connecting the Zigbee Coordinator to a USB 2.0 port or via a powered USB 2.0 hub via a long USB extension cable to get it away from all potential sources of EMF/EMI/RMI interference, (do not connect to a USB 3.0 port or use a USB 3.0 cable to a USB 3.0 port as that is well known to cause serious EMF/EMI/RMI interference to Zigbee communication).

If you still have problems after that then enable debug logging, replicate the issue, collect diagnosics, and report a new issue on GitHub to get help analyzing the debug logs → https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha#reporting-issues

I finally found the problem. It was actually quite silly. I had connected an external Bluetooth antenna to my Raspberry Pi. Besides that it was no longer necessary within my system because I had placed separate Bluetooth adapters in my house, this antenna apparently interfered with the settings of the Zigbee. Now that I have removed this Bluetooth antenna, everything works as before. Thanks everyone for thinking along.