Zigbee RGBCCT Remote?

Hey all -

Up until recently, I’ve only been using Shelly devices in my home for home automation - smartening up garage door openers, freezers, space heaters and switches and outlets.

I just started using Zigbee out of necessity for a project we completed in our kitchen - under cabinet LED strip lighting. I couldn’t find a good Wi-Fi RGBCCT controller that worked with Home Assistant so I went with one of the Gledopto (Model GL-C-008) controllers along with some BTF Lighting RGBCCT LED Strips. They look great - very bright, beautiful colors and the quality of the warm white light is perfect.

I went with a Conbee II Zigbee USB stick and am using ZHA.

We were mostly going to use the lighting as background lighting controlled by Circadian lighting. The under cabinet lighting is bright enough - and the light is so pleasant - that the family is using the lights as the primary kitchen lights. So I’m looking for a remote, or a switch panel, or something… to mount in the kitchen for a controller. The kids don’t have phones and it sucks looking for a phone to just turn on some lights.

Looking at the Zigbee device database from Blackadder I’ve found several different remotes that are exactly what I have in mind - here’s an example - ROBB RGB+CCT Remote Control.

This particular remote is sold by a Dutch company and from the device database page it is only showing Zigbee2MQTT support.

Does anyone know of a remote similar to the one I linked to that works with ZHA and is available in the US? Alternatively…if there is one that is available to the US but only works with Zigbee2MQTT I’m not opposed to setting all that up if I have to. I have a couple of simpler 4 button scene remotes on the way to test out but I’d really like one that can do full color/warmth/brightness control like the one I linked.

Thanks all!

That is hard to find.
I know I was looking for the same a few months ago and in the end I went with a simple IKEA Styrbar remote and coded the buttons to do all the things I needed.

It seems more devices are compatible with Z2M than ZHA and especially when it comes to remotes.

I think that is due to the openness of z2m and the comparative simplicity of adding new devices.

That’s what I’m running into as well. I’ve got a couple of simple 4 button scene remotes showing up this afternoon to play around with but they only halfway fit what I have in mind.

I’m getting Z2M up and running this morning…now if I can find a US company that makes/sells one of those remotes!

I wouldn’t use it as a scene remote.

My lights doesn’t have the temperature, but the way I would configure a Styrbar would be;

Up/down click on/off
Up/down hold brightness up/down
Left/right click change RGB color in hue +-30 degrees
Left/right hold change the temperature

But sure a dedicated remote is much better

I was going to do something very similar with the remote to what you shared I think. Try to get as much functionality out of the 4 buttons as I can get :slight_smile:

These opple buttons have 6 buttons, with four functions for each button (single, double, triple, hold). The base plate can mount anywhere on the wall, and the buttons can be moved around. They stick on magnetically. They come in 2 and 4 button models too.


Those are snazzy looking! Thanks for sharing that link with me.