Zigbee sensor going crazy after sometime

Hi guys I have a ZGMISMART SPM01 energy sensor ( https://www.zemismart.com/products/spm01-d2tz-zm ) and after starting Z2M everything works almost fine (too many readings for minute, about 1 reading each 3 seconds). But after one or two days the thing goes a little mad and those sensors start reporting power 10 or more times per second and the zigbee network became unusable.
I have to restart Z2M and everything goes fine again.

1- Do you know what may be causing this issue and how to fix it?

2- Bonus question, do you know if is possible to increase times between readings? Something about 1 reading each 10 ou 15 seconds.

I use Z2M as an addon on Home Assistant, my coordinator is a Sonoff USB Dongle-E, there are 2 routers in my network (Sonoff USB Dongle-P) and other devices such as lamps, outlets and sensors.

In the Zigbee2MQTT interface, maybe there is something in the device settings you can use, maybe debounce ?

I ordered two of those devices from Zemismart. They never arrived.

According to the reviews I’ve read they should only periodically update every 5 minutes or when there is a significant change in current or voltage.

One reading every 3 seconds seems excessive.

Have you checked to see that the wiring is not loose?

This could be the cause of excessive reporting frequency.

If exist I couldn’t find…

I agree, and wiring is fine. I have three of those and they show the same behavior.
It works just fine for sometime and at some point of the day it goes crazy making 10 or more times per second. I restart the Z2M and everything goes fine again.

In fact I have an huuuge split on my mind… Z2M or ZHA, there is a lot of posts with lots of different opinion. Is so hard to decide between it.
The choice was Z2M because seems to have more resources and better support from the community, but if may be a solution migrate to ZHA I could do…