Zigbee sensor shows same data forever

My zigbee temperature sensor is connected but is providing a frozen constantly same temperature? I have reset the temperature sensor and the HA zigbee coordinator connects to it, but it remains on the unchanged output?

I changed the AAA rechargeable batteries (old ones have power) and new batteries had no power to sensor (but were full). Removed new batteries and reinserted several times and was able to reset the sensor.
I don’t understand what happens in HA, but the temperature is still frozen on the same data with no change.
Screenshot from 2024-04-09 12-22-40


Tuya WiFi Zigbee Temperature Humidity Sensor Thermometer Hygrometer Smart Home

Battery type

2 x AAAs Ni-Mh rechargeable 2000 mAh, brand name: Energy



Detection humidity



Humidity Sensor



Wireless Technology


Working humidity

maximum 95%RH



Product parameter



Humidity Sensor

You don’t say whether you’re using ZHA or Z2M.

If it’s ZHA, you could get the device number from the device info page…

…and look it up on GitHub to see whether other people are having similar problems. It may need a custom device handler.

If you’re using Z2M, there’s a list of supported devices here:

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Tuya WiFi Zigbee Temperature Humidity Sensor Thermometer Hygrometer Smart Home

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There can be several reasons.
One is that your sensor have been renamed on HA, so look for a sensor with _2 suffix or similar.
If you are using Tuya in the cloud, then the problem might be there. It might be that the sensor got a new name there too or that the service is just bugged.

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Sorry, I’m a noob.
Here’s my topology:
1: Computer → 2: Hypervisor VMM → 3: VM → 4: HA ↔ 5: MQTT (broker) ↔ 6: Z2M (gateway application) ↔ 7: coordinator (Zigbee USB stick) ↔ 8: Zigbee devices/sensors.

Device info I find is: HA → Settings → Add-ons → Zigbee2MQTT → OPEN WEB UI → IEEE Address: 0xa4c1385ecf65906f (0xF3B1) → Manufacturer: TuYa → Model: WSD500a.

I only have 1 sensor on HA as a noob, to test if things are smooth, then I might progress to lots of LED globe lights.
I only find in HA → Settings → Add-ons → Zigbee2MQTT → OPEN WEB UI → top left shows: [email protected] and the 1 sensor: temp_office.

I am not using Tuya in any cloud and try to minimise any clouds.

Did not notice that it both said Wifi and Zigbee.
Can it do both?

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WDS500A works excellent for me. Try to re-pair it (stick that little needle in that hole at the bottom until the red light lights up)

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Often the case with Tuya stuff. They sell the same model in WiFi and Zigbee, just swapping the radio chip.

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I assumed the model description: Tuya WiFi Zigbee Temperature Humidity Sensor Thermometer Hygrometer Smart Home, was typical bad English or dodgy marketing.
I don’t know if Wi-Fi works, the sensor is connected to the Zigbee USB stick coordinator.
Yes, I have already tried re-pairing the temperature sensor about 10 times by sticking a little phone sim card pin into the hole at the bottom until the red LED blinks and finally re-pairs with HA.

How far is it from the nearest router ?
And in the Zigbee2MQTT frontend, does the temperature change there ?
What USB stick are you using ?
Is your USB stick connected with a USB extension cable ?

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Startup MQTT explorer and see what happens on the broker.

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Thank you.
I’ve found some broker information, however haven’t found links to the frozen sensor data yet?

Should be under the zigbee2mqtt key

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Thank you, I find 5 topics under zigbee2mqtt, but am unsure what to look for?

Rechargeable batteries deliver less voltage than normal 1,5v. Try with normal batteries.

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Your device is not there.

You never answered these questions:

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Thank you, I will try to order some non rechargeable batteries, although it’s a pity for the scaling plan to the broader house with devices and stuff needing non-efficient powering. I might have to try cabled or solar power devices/sensors, as non rechargeable batteries are so expensive.

Sorry if I missed some questions:

  1. The temperature sensor is about 3 metres from the host computer, which runs a VM router and the VM HA.

  2. Did you mean a Wi-Fi router? I have connected a Wi-Fi AP to the LAN, which is about 10 metres away in another room and strong signal in this room with the host computer and temperature sensor.

  3. The Zigbee2MQTT frontend (is that HA → Settings → Add-ons → Zigbee2MQTT → OPEN WEB UI?). There is no temperature reading there, just LQI and Power, which don’t change.

  4. The USB stick for the coordinator is:
    -ZBDongle-P (previously ZBDongle-E but it dropped out all the time)
    -Wireless connection: Zigbee 3.0
    -Input: 5V 100mA Max
    -SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus Universal Zigbee Stick Support Home Assistant

  5. The USB stick is connected to a 5 metre USB extension cable, sitting about 1-2 metres away from the host computer.

No, I meant Zigbee router.

Should be fine for Zigbee2MQTT

Should be no problem too.

Maybe it is indeed the batteries. Mine work without problems, e.g.

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  1. No, I have no Zigbee router. I returned the Zigbee-E which would disconnect all the time, as it was within guarantee

  2. Yes, the ZBDongle-P is a nice solid connection

  3. In HA → Settings → Add-ons → Zigbee2MQTT → OPEN WEB UI → Devices → Friendly name → temp_office → Exposes:

5m USB cable can actually be an issue.
5m is the max allowed length by the standard and it is know to cause issues with some cables and port chips, both in the host and slave device.

Also regarding the batteries, then it is possible to get them USB powered with a little step down board.
This makes it possible to use an USB charger or an USB powerbank.