Zigbee Siren directly via USB Dongle


Have a Hive Homeshield siren which I works with my current Hive hub but in 2025 that will stop working as it’s discontinued!
How can I add it as a device directly to HA with a zigbee usb dongle please?

Bump, anyone know please?

Hi, I don’t have an answer to your problem.

Maybe move your thread to the general section since the ‘Third party integrations’ section is meant for sharing integrations rather then asking questions.

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Bump? Have just moved it

Hi Steve, this (Feature Requests) is also not the category where you will get most of the attention/help for your issue, in my opinion.

Have you looked at the search query that I posted above?
There are similar questions but don’t know about the answers/solutions.

Ok thanks, which category should it go in please?