Zigbee Smart Bulb not working properly

I’ve got ZHA with a SkyConnect dongle, working fine for some Sonoff temp sensors. Bought 2 Zigbee bulbs on AliExpress, and they don’t work well. I can pair them, and they work for some time, but every couple of hours one of them stops responding. I have to physically turn the lights off and on.

Is it because they are cheap lights? There aren’t many options here in NZ. I’d like Zigbee lights but don’t want to pay NZ$50+ per bulb.
I’m hoping I can solve it with config.

Would changing to Z2M help? I’ve seen other posts about Z2M with similar issues with cheap lights.

For something that simple it is unlikely ZHA vs. Z2M matters. My guess is the bulbs are either bad or out of range. You can test by moving them close to the radio and see if the problem stops. My advice is to buy bulbs from IKEA if you can; they are cheap and pretty reliable.

I’ve moved them into the garage, about 3m from the dongle, and still had issues.
Battery powered temp sensors are fine much further away, so guess it’s indeed bad hardware.

There’s no IKEA in NZ. Only option are Philips Hue and they are very expensive.

Thanks @dbs

My limited experience with Philips Hue is you get what you pay for – better colors and quality. I’ve had good luck with Geldopto’s bulbs also, though.